San Fernando West Valley

Strings/ Winds / Ensemble Baroque Festival

Strings/Winds / Ensemble Baroque Festival


The Strings/Winds / Ensemble Baroque Festival is an adjudicated event celebrating the music of the Baroque Period.

  • The Festival is open to any student of high school age or younger. Harp students have no age limit.

  • Ensembles are limited to 5 performers, with one pianist permitted. At least one student per ensemble must be a student of an MTAC-SFWV teacher.

  • Compositions must be written by Baroque composers. Performance time is limited to 6 minutes.

  • Memorization is highly recommended but not required.

  • There are two divisions: Division I - Levels 1 through 5; Division II - Levels 6 through 10 or Advanced Division I students may combine sets of compositions by different composers. Division II students must have all compositions by the same composer.

  • The judges’ decision is final. Students will receive Gold, Silver, or Bronze category awards.

  • Teachers will receive the list of the judges’ choices, with the evaluation forms signed by each judge, and any awards given to students.

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