San Fernando West Valley

Standing Rules



Board of Director’s Reference, San Fernando West Valley Branch MTAC

  1. Teachers will be allowed no more than two proxies per year total for all recitals, festivals, and competitions combined.  (6-11-96)
  2. No program changes will be allowed after the deadline.  (5-4-04).
  3. Festival Chairs shall retain their original application forms for reference, to verify that no pieces are substituted after the application deadline.  (5-4-04).
  4. Memorial Awards Competition - Senior Division Awards:  1st Place $300, 2nd Place $200, 3rd Place $100.  Junior Division Awards:  1st Place $150, 2nd Place $100, 3rd Place $75.  A separate accompanist’s scholarship of $75 will be awarded where applicable.   (Amended 7-22-04 from original date 5-6-03).
  5. There will be no ties allowed for Memorial Awards Competition.  Three winners from each division shall be chosen.  No First Place winners shall compete again in the same category.  (Amended 7-22-04 from original date 6-5-01).
  6. A student participating in Memorial Awards Competition shall perform solo pieces only.  There shall be no chamber music.  (11-4-97).
  7. Contemporary Festival entry fee shall be $25 per student.  (Amended 1-13-15 from original date 7-22-04).
  8. Memorization is optional at the Contemporary Festival only.  (6-13-97).
  9. The Contemporary Festival shall hire two judges only.  Avoid hiring the same judge for any subsequent year.  (1-4-00).
  10.  Judges will be guaranteed a minimum of two hours pay for any event.  3-6-01).
  11. The judge’s fees shall be $50 per hour, maximum of 2 judges per program, excepting the Sight Reading Festival which has only one judge, and excepting the Bach Festival which has its’ own rules. (Amended 2-14-17. Original date 9-3-00)..
  12. The Treasurer shall keep a tally of donations for various Scholarship Funds.  The Board will oversee the disbursement of funds.  (Amended 7-22-04 from original date 3-4-03).
  13. The annual CSUN scholarship will be eliminated.  Instead, an annual amount of $500 shall be donated to Northridge Academy High School in consideration of using their site for Certificate of Merit Testing Program.    (Amended 1-7-14).
  14. CM Honor Festival shall be for students Level V and up, with no school grade limit.  4-3-01).
  15. CM Chair will receive a $500 stipend each year, as well as Convention expenses.  (2-4-03).
  16. Any teacher who does not work on CM days shall pay a “non-working” fee in order to receive student test results, per State requirement.  (11-04-08).
  17. Convention Delegates will receive a stipend of $150, Presidents $350 for Conventions taking place in Southern California.  Delegates will receive $350, Presidents $550, for Conventions taking place in Northern California.  (5-6-03).
  18. Handling or Grievances and Ethical Misconduct SECTION 1.  Handling of Grievances. 

    All Grievances will be submitted in writing to the Board.  The Complainer shall not present the complaint in person.  If the grievance concerns Branch policy, the Board will discuss the matter, and inform the complainer of its finding.  If the grievance involves another member, the Board will decide whether to bring the aggrieved parties together at a future or special Board Meeting.   Both parties, the accuser and the accused, will have a chance to represent themselves, face to face.  If a resolution cannot be reached, the matter will be turned over tothe State for further recommendation.

    SECTION 2.  Handling of Ethical Misconduct

    Ethical misconduct shall be handled in the same manner as Standing Rule 18. Section 1.  The Board shall follow State guidelines in the area of discipline. 

    The Branch Board can send information of the findings to the State Board if deemed necessary.  The State Board can then decide if further action is or is not required.  Final decisions rest with the State Board.  (10-9-04)

  19. The contemporary festival rules shall be amended to read, “composers must have been alive in 1950 (except Bartok), in accordance to and agreement with the State certificate of Merit rule.  Effective December 1, 2009. (5-20-09).
  20.  For checks issued over the amount of $750, there shall be two (2) signatures required.  (9-10-13).
  21. Handling of Expense Reports.  Expense reports shall contain, if possible, receipts and shall be presented to the Treasurer for reimbursement no later that 30 days after the event. In the case of multiple events, the deadline will be 30 days after the final event.  This wording will appear on Expense Report Forms.  (4-8-14).
  22. Contributory Branch Members shall be charged full current Branch dues and have access for students to all Branch activities, but not be eligible for awards.  (01-12-16).
  23. If a student or teacher does not follow the rules for competitive events, he or she is subject to disqualification at the discretion of the Event Chair. [12-13-16]