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Certificate of Merit

Certificate of Merit


Certificate of Merit is a statewide program of graded music education made available to students of music teachers who are members of the Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC).

Teachers plan annual music instruction using a carefully researched syllabus for the Certificate of Merit Program. Students of piano, strings, woodwinds, brass and voice may participate. Each instrument has a different syllabus graded from Preparatory to Advanced Levels, and they are among the most thorough and widely used syllabi among their kind in the United States.

Over 30,000 students participate at the annual evaluations in the Spring. They are held by the various local Branches throughout California. Students are tested at their specific levels in sight reading, technique, performance, ear training, and written theory.

A Certificate from the State Office of MTAC validates your child's success and progress at each level of the Certificate of Merit Program. Students may move on to the next level, or remain at the same level for a second year. For more complete information, visit the MTAC State website at and follow the instructions to the CM Program.