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VOCE Competition

VOCE Competition

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A. Definition of VOCE: Voice, Orchestral instruments, Chamber Ensembles

B. Levels of Competition

1. Branch Competition held at individual Branches.  Winners move to State Competition.

2. State Finals - First Place Winners perform at the State Convention and receive prizes.

C. Purpose

1. Inspire top caliber students toward their highest standard of achievement.

2. Teach students to memorize and polish two major pieces.

3. Provide opportunity for students to learn how to perform under pressure.

4. Reward top-level achievements with public recognition, monetary prizes and a chance to perform at State Convention.

5. Give recognition to teachers of top caliber students.

II. CATEGORIES AND AGE LIMITS (as of February 1st of the year of competition)

A. Vocalists
1. Solo Voice Category
a. Intermediate: age 17 and under
b. Senior: age 18 through 23

B. Instrumentalists
1. Solo String Category
a. Junior: age 12 and under
b. Intermediate: age 13 through 15
c. Senior: age 16 through 18
2. Solo Wind Category
a. Intermediate: age 15 and under
b. Senior: age 16 through 20

C. Chamber Music Ensembles
1. Instrumental Chamber Music Ensembles (two to five students, no professionals)
a. Intermediate: average age 15 and under
b. Senior: average age 16 through 20
2. Vocal Chamber Music Ensembles (three to five students, no professionals)
a. Senior: average age 23 and under