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Showcase Recitals

Showcase Recitals


Showcase Recitals take place in October, January, and May. These provide member teachers with an opportunity to expose their students to more performance experiences. Recitals are open to students of all ages.

Note to Parents and Students: please review the Performance Rules for information on the performers’ dress code and general recital protocol.

Note to Teachers: For complete information regarding repertoire, rules, eligibility, fees, application forms, etc., login.




To all teachers: these rules are the result of decisions made by the Board of Directors concerning our Showcase Recitals. It is the teachers’ responsibility to read and follow these instructions, and to relay the appropriate information to their students and parents. These recitals are sponsored by MTAC-SFWV for the students of our members. Teachers are welcome to enter well-prepared students playing performance-ready repertoire of any level.

1. Showcase Recitals are open to students of all ages, including adults, and any level.

2. Students may perform on any instrument for which the teacher is approved by MTAC.

3. The number of students per teacher may be limited depending on programming constraints.

4. The performance time limit is 10 minutes.  If a piece is longer than 10 minutes, contact the Showcase Recital Committee for permission to perform. The committee may reduce a student's program to less than the maximum time allowed.  (What does this mean?  Is it for a full program per student?)

5. Entry forms must be printed, filled out, and sent to the Recital Chair, along with a check for the fees..  Opus, K, L, BWV numbers to identify the piece must be included on the entry form.  Precise performance time is required for each piece entered.

6. Any special requests (i.e. special needs, time request, siblings, etc.) should be explained and written on the entry form. Time requests should only be made for urgent, legitimate reasons. Teachers should realize there is no guarantee the committee can honor all special requests, and therefore should not promise their students a specific time until the programming is complete, and the teachers have been notified of the performance times.

7. The entry fee is $15 per student without an accompanist;  $10 per student with an accompanist;  $15 per ensemble.  

8. Deadline for entries is listed in the directory and monthly newsletter and is generally 10 days prior to recital.   No changes or special requests in programming or listings may be made after the deadline. Please do not ask for exceptions.

9. All solo pieces must be memorized. Memorization is optional for winds and ensembles.

10. The Showcase Recital Chair and Committee will assign student performance times and inform the teacher of said times.


11. Student performers are requested to observe the following dress recommendations for regular recitals:
For girls/women - dressy pants, dresses, skirts & tops. No mini-skirts, jeans, flip-flops or bare midriffs.
For boys/men - dressy slacks (Khakis are acceptable) and shirt. Dress shoes are preferable, but athletic shoes will be permitted. No jeans or flipflops.

12. Performers must stay for the duration of the recital.

13. Performers must check in with the chairperson, and be in place fifteen minutes before the recital begins.  


14. Guests are expected to remain in their seat for the duration of the recital.

15. If younger children in attendance become disruptive, the parent should remove them from the room.

16. No flash photography may be taken during the recital.

17. Video cameras are permitted, provided the camera operator sets up the equipment before the recital begins, and remains stationary at the rear of the room.

18. Late arrivals will be seated only between pieces.  Late students will not perform.


19. Teachers of performing students must attend the recital, and should dress professionally and appropriately. Teachers may NOT wear jeans or athletic shoes. If a teacher is unable to attend a recital, he or she must arrange for a proxy and provide the chairperson with the name of the proxy before the event. The recital chair cannot be a proxy. Only two proxies for all recitals, festivals, and competitions per year are allowed. If a teacher or proxy is not present, the student WILL NOT perform.

20. Teachers of performing students will be called upon to assist either before or after the recital.

21. Teachers shall notify the chair of any last minute cancellations before the recital begins.

22. It is the teachers’ responsibility to see that their students and parents understand and comply with these rules.

23. The decisions of the Showcase Recital Committee are final.  

 Amended 09-07-2018